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Assorted hors d’oeuvre

Three appetizers among those present in menù
 Tasting Menù

Three appetizers, one first, one second, sweet.. To choose between the proposals of the kitchen.
(For the whole table)


*drinks not included


 Cheese focaccia  (no in summer): €9    
we use wheat flour made with millstones for the dough (Quaglia Mill), 100% cultivated in Italy with

sustainable agricultural techniques, of low environmental impact and traced origin. Conserved at low

temperature. Cleaned from impurities with the only optical sorter of last generation installed in Italy.

The total yeast-free dough is softened with extra-virgin olive oil produced by Antico Frantoio Sommariva located in Albenga, historic Medieval town of Liguria’s Western Riviera.

After a few hours of rest, the dough is worked by hand until obtaining a thin layer to be placed on the tray and enriched with stracchino.

It is baked in the oven at high temperature for a few minutes.

An ancient, late 19th century Ligurian tradition, re-proposed with simple and fine ingredients.



                                                 23 NOVEMBER 2018

                                GRANACCIA AND BACCALA’


                               The elegance and style of Granaccia meet

                                         the delicate persistence of Baccalà.


                                           BACCALA’ AND ORANGE TARTAR

                                                        RAVIOLI DI BRANDACUJUN

                                                   BACCALA’ WITH LIGURIAN HERBS



                                         Granaccia DOC MAGNUM 2016

                                                   Wather  wine and coffee included €35