Our Philosophy

I developed the love for wine when I was a child, when I was staying up at night with the adults in that prohibited and mysterious place, the cellar, where it seemed that anything was possible, with my dad on my side and my mother who was screaming because it was time for bed!

Today this love is consolidated, tiring and rewarding, facilitated by the help of machines but…my intention is to continue to live it at the fullest in order not to lose the pressure that keeps alive any relation; my collaborators and family share my same thoughts, or perhaps they love me so much to agree with me!

Each bottle is handled one by one: filled and corked first, cleaned in the following phase, and then labelled and stored in boxes. Back pain? Yes thank you!

ONE BY ONE. The only way I know to keep alive the love that has been accompanying me, indeed, throughout my life.

All that is done with love, undoubtedly, turns out better!