Weekly menu

                                       Hunger for focaccia   €30* (suspended summer season)

Every first and third Thursday of the month 

Ligurian appetizer

Our Cheese Focaccia

*drinks , sweet and coffee not included



Tasting Menù  €40*


mixed appetizer, one first, one second, sweet.. To choose between the proposals of the kitchen.
(For the whole table)

*drinks not included



Appetizers  €14

Onions stuffed

                                                                                    Meat beaten with a knife         
                                                                      Asparagus flan with parmesan cream

                                                                                   Anchovies in scabeccio


First  €15

                                                                                Mandilli (fresh pasta) with pesto
                  Eggplant tortelli with tomato cream and salted ricotta

    Trofie (fresh pasta) with pesto



      Second  €16/18


Pork ribs stewed in beer

Rabbit: Typical Ligurian Dish

        Cod and potatoes



   Dessert  €8

Cream Caramel

                                  Tart with apricot marmalade

Pigato jelly and strawberries

Panna cotta with chinotto



N.B.  Every day there can be news…