Monthly menu

Tasting Menù €34*

Three appetizers, one first, one second, sweet.. To choose between the proposals of the kitchen.
(For the whole table)

*drinks not included


Appetizers €10/€11

Eggplant’s flan

Baked vegetables

Stuffed onions with fish

                                                                                                     Cima (typical meal)



First €10

Tagliatelle (fresh pasta ) with Pesto

Gnocchi (fresh potatoes pasta) with baccalà, fresh tomatoes and olives

Ravioli (stuffed fresh pasta) with vegetables and egg



Second €12/14

Brandacujun (potatoes and cod)

Ligures Rabbit

Pork ribs marinated with beer

                                                                                 cuttlefish and potatoes stewed


Dessert €6

Hazelnut cake

Cherries tart

Chocolate cake

Cream caramel

                                                                                Peaches and Whine( Granaccia!)



N.B.  Every day there can be news,  like the kitchen..