Weekly menu

Tasting Menù  €36*

Three appetizers, one first, one second, sweet.. To choose between the proposals of the kitchen.
(For the whole table)

*drinks not included



Appetizers  €13

Rocchetta pumpkin flan with goat cheese cream onions

Veal in tuna sauce

Onions with cod

Stuffed cabbage


First  €12

Pasta and beans

Noodles with rabbit sauce

Gnocchi with goat cheese



      Second  €15

Piglet cheeks

Rabbit: Typical Ligurian Dish


Stewed tripe



   Dessert  €6

Hazelnut Cake

Cream Caramel

Cream cooked with Chinotto

Pears cooked in red wine

 Baked apples with our eggnog


N.B.  Every day there can be news…