Rustic and Elegant restaurant at the foot of an ancient Manor House, the same in which my dad grew, the one that is raising me today.

In 2006, the old stable was transformed into the Restaurant that I desired: cosy and welcoming.

My passion? FINE FOOD!
So I told myself: “Why not making it myself?
I offer what I desire: a simple, fine, traditional but at the same time, original cuisine.
I pick part of the products from the Vegetable Garden and Yard surrounding the restaurant, while I purchase part of them from nearby farms.

And as soon as the climate becomes mild, tables are elegantly set-up in the garden amongst our olive groves, camellias and small palm trees.
and FINE FOOD, rendered even more charismatic by a glass (at a time) of “Granaccia” produced in the family cellar since 1898.


Opening hours 
Monday      closed
Tuesday     closed
Wednesday   closed
Thursday    dinner
Friday      dinner
Saturday    lunch and dinner
Sunday      lunch and dinner

For reservetion : 019 9250447